Sanctuary Wellness
Massage Center of Norwich

Therapeutic massage and Asian Bodywork Therapy serving Norwich, Hanover, and the entire Upper Valley.

Massage therapy tailored to your needs in the moment. From the simplest wish to relax deeply, to complex physical discomforts, I can help you move better, feel better, and sleep better today.

Email or call today to make an appointment. See below to purchase gift certificates now.

Treatment Types

Swedish Massage (including sports massage)
For relaxation, reducing muscular soreness and stiffness, and to promote healing. This can be done very gently or more deeply as with sports massage to meet individual needs.
Myofascial Release
Slow, deep spreading of connective tissue brings relief from long-held tension.
Scar tissue massage
Specialized treatment of surgical and injury areas.
Pain Management
Gentle assisted relaxation provides an opportunity for people with chronic pain to relax, break the pain cycle and broaden their range of comfortable mobility.
Pain Neutralization Technique
Using muscle reflexes and other non-painful techniques to reduce pain. Gentle, amazing relief.
Asian Bodywork Therapies
Tuina, acupressure and shiatsu focus on energy flow to promote healing and proper body function.
Treats the hands and feet to facilitate healing and restore balance.
Lymphatic Massage
Healthy, natural fluid management.
Trigger Point Therapy
Desensitizing of reactive muscle areas to reduce tightness and spasm.

On-Site Treatments: I am available to come to your business or home for an individual who cannot travel or for a group. email or call for details.


Individuals, couples and businesses may be interested in learning new ways to manage stress, improve energy, and learn new easy to use skills. Jenny offers workshops and classes, also one-on-one training. Some of her offerings are: private massage lessons for partners, touch skills for caregivers classes, classes on massage for head, neck and shoulders, classes on massaging the feet, self- shiatsu, and other classes and trainings from basic to advanced by arrangement.

Gifting & Products

Gift Certificates
You can pay for a massage in advance by calling (802-356-1156) or emailing (
JUST products
JUST Swiss natural herbal products. Special lotions to soften hands and feet, creams to smooth itches, warm achy places, cool swollen areas, liniments to ease pain, scents to open your sinuses and relax your lungs, bath salts, aromatherapy, etc. - products for your skin, body and spirit. See their website for detailed information, and contact me if you wish to order or if you would like a chance to sample any of these lovely products.
Corporate Discounts
Ask about our corporate discount program.