Sanctuary Wellness
Massage Center of Norwich

Jenny Gelfan

Education: MA ed., Graduate Nippon Shiatsu Diagaku, Certified Shiatsu practitioner, AOBTA, Nationally Certified Massage Practitioner, NCTMB, Advanced trainings in pain management, myofascial therapies, tuina, massage for cancer survivors and the critically ill, sports massage, bodymind therapies, lymphatic massage, scar tissue massage and more. Specializing in Asian Bodywork and pain management massage therapy.

“I provide treatments to help people move towards better health, relaxation, vitality and peace.”


“Jenny Gelfan has supported me in my healing process for many years. With Fibromyalgia I need to remind my muscles that they can relax and release tension. Jenny adjusts her touch to what my body needs as if her fingers are in conversation with my body. She intuitively moves through the session with expert sensitivity.

The pain relief training she is has is amazing and effective. I feel nurtured and supported. I also know that what I share with her remains private. Her ethics are impeccable. Her sensitivity remarkable and her loving presence is nurturing. Take a mini-vacation from your tension or pain and go rest in her capable hands.”


“Wow. I had an area of tightness that often ached in my upper back that has gotten worse for a decade. Massage always makes it feel better, but only for a while. Jenny did the pain neutralization, and I simply don't have the pain and tightness anymore. It's really gone!”


“I was discharged from a stay in the hospital and had significant pain. Jenny's healing touch helped me tremendously with pain management, and her gentle demeanor helped me share a tough time rather than go it alone. Jenny also provided a customized care package from homeopathic products she represents; for example, I could use no lotions with soy, and she put together a very soothing group of products for my face and body. I would enthusiastically recommend her services and gift in massage and healing arts.”

Joy K

“Jenny has been a tremendous support to me in some on my most trying times. I have been healing a chronic pain situation and she has been the best coach anyone could ask for. She knows the physiological and psychological components to pain and can teach anyone how to manage it and often release it. She shows respect for each individual process as well. This facilitates feeling comfortable right away.”