Sanctuary Wellness
Massage Center of Norwich

Massage and other forms of bodywork provide an opportunity for people to learn how to relax and feel more comfortable while they explore what is happening with their bodies through touch which helps them feel better.

Benefits of Massage and Bodywork

Why Massage? In many cultures massage is considered an essential health maintenance practice.

For Health: Massage, myofascial release, and Asian bodywork therapies  can help relieve the muscle tightness, pain, joint stiffness, circulatory compromise and apprehension associated with a variety of physical conditions, injuries and illnesses, for example back strain.

For Relaxation: Today's hectic lifestyles leave many people with stress accumulated in their bodies - tense shoulders and headaches. Massage and Asian bodywork therapies assist you to relax, muscularly and systemically, letting your body move out of its emergency state towards normalcy.

For Vitality: Pain and tension drain a person's energy. So do illness, injury and serious medical interventions. By reducing tightness and discomfort, massage and Asian bodywork theraies can restore and thus enhance the body's energy systems.

For Peace: Many people today tend to drive themselves through hectic lives, clenching jaws and minds to stay on task. Quiet attention to your body for ten minutes or an hour or more reminds you how to relax with yourself where you are.